“As a Cuban refugee, I arrived in Chicago in January of 1967" states Alfredo Molina. "When we arrived in Chicago in the middle of winter we were given shelter at the Wilson Hotel by Catholic charities. I will never forget the fellow Cuban that my father met in the lobby upon our arrival. He took us to a grocery store and procured the food necessary for us to survive several weeks and also purchased warm clothing for us.

That random act of kindness had an indelible effect on a selfish, self centered little boy, me. I have devoted my life to the service of others and continue to strive to live a life of significance every day. Every act that we execute has a profound effect on the lives of others.

Changing the world one jewel at a time is my mantra. I believe that every individual is a precious jewel and it is my commitment and social responsibility to ensure that they become brilliant."

- Alfredo J. Molina

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